• Lower cost than a traditional BWG- bearing for diameters over 100 mm.
  • Extremely high load capacity.
  • May be used without additional lubrication.

BWG-GT bearings with or without flange are made of casted bronze material with a steel shell and special solid lubricant embedded.

The process of casting bronze on steel achieves an intergral metallurgical structure between bronze and steel with an increased carrying capacity while the material cost is considerably reduced for bearings with diameter over 100 mm.

The base metal is aimed for high loads and the solid lubricant makes it possible to use BWG-GT bearings without additional lubrication. BWG-GT bearings show excellent performance without lubrication under conditions of low speeds and extreme high or low temperatures. The lubrication reservoirs are dispersed in a special way over the bearing surface, therefore the whole bearing surface is lubricated when the movement occurs. These lubrication reservoirs cover about 25-30% of the sliding surface.


Technical data

Material:Bronze bearing with a steel shell and embedded graphite.
Yield point:(Rp0,2) ca 350 N/mm2
Tensile stranght:(Rm ) ca 750 N/mm2
Hardness:> 210HB
Max speed:No lubrication < 0,5 m/s, Oil lubrication <1,0 m/s
Temperature range:-100 / +300 °C
Max loadMovement
150 N/mm2Static
90 N/mm2Dynamic

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