WB802, WF-WB802

  • High load capacity
  • Can be used in difficult circumstances
  • Excellent lubrication properties due to lubrication holes
Product information

Benefit from stable bearings with the best lifetime!

The advantages of WB8 D&E bronze bearings compared to our closest competitor, according to independent analyses.


The WB8 series features more comprehensive material processing stages, and is at least
100% tighter than our closest competitor thanks to an extra processing stage: hot rolling-en.


A 43% longer lifetime has been demonstrated in third-party lifetime testing. D&E has conducted technical analyses for more than 50 years, and – together with Wieland Werke in German and our industry-leading customers – has developed a pioneering bronze bearing, manufactured with 100% material verification via internal raw material production and processing.

WB802-bearings with or without flange are intended for radial and axial movements.

The bearings are wrapped of a cold formable homogenous bronze, which because of this will obtain exceptional material properties. The execution of the flange permits that the bearing also can carry axial loads. The standard sizes are fitted with holes, which are dispersed in a special way over the whole bearing-surface.

These holes serve as lubri-cant reservoirs i.a. to rapidly build up a lubrication film in the moment of start and therewith reduce the start friction. These holes even length-en significantly the lubrication intervals. The properties of the WB802-material, together with the procedure of wrapping and calibration, make this type of bearing especially suitable for constructions, where high loads and relatively slow movements are occurring.

Technical data

Material:Homogeneous bronze (Cu 91,3%, Sn 8,5%, P 0,2%)
Yield point: (Rp0,2)(Rp0,2) ca 300 N/mm2
Tensile strenght: (Rm )(Rm) ca 450 N/mm2
Hardness:ca 125-150 HB
Friction:0,08–0,25 µ
Max speed:2,5 m/s
Temperature range:-100 / +200 °C
Ca: 280 N/mm20 m/s
80 – 120 N/mm20,01 m/s
30 – 40 N/mm22,0 m/s

Tolerances: Bearings pressed into housing H7 get tolerance H9. Recommended tolerance for the shaft IT 7 or IT 8 with position of tolerance e or f

Lubrication: Additional lubrication ought to be done through the shafts or radial through the housings. All customary greases can be used e.g. greases with additives of graphite or molybdenum-disulphide. We recommend two specially tried-out greases for plain bearings, SK12 and S3.

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