WB702, WF-WB702

  • High load capacity
  • Can be used in difficult circumstances.
  • Excellent lubrication properties due to lubrication holes.

Cylindrical bearing, intended for radial and axial movements.

WB702-bearings with or without flange are intended for radial and axial movements. The bearings are manufactured of a cold formable homoge-nous bronze, which because of this will obtain exceptional material pro-perties. The execution of the flange permits that the bearing also can carry axial loads. The standard sizes are fitted with holes, which are dispersed in a special way over the whole bearing-surface.

These holes serve as lubricant reservoirs i.a. to rapidly build up a lubrication film in the moment of start and therewith reduce the start friction. The properties of the WB702-material, together with the procedure of wrapping and calibration, make this type of bearing especially suitable for constructions, where medium or high loads and relatively slow movements are occurring.

Technical data

Material:Homogeneous bronze (Cu 91,3%, Sn 8,5%, P 0,2%)
Yield point: (Rp0,2)ca 250 N/mm2
Tensile strenght: (Rm )ca 450 N/mm2
Hardness:ca 110-150 HB
Friction:0,10–0,25 µ
Max speed:2,5 m/s
Temperature:-100 / +200 °C
Ca: 250 N/mm20 m/s
80 – 120 N/mm20,01 m/s
30 – 40 N/mm22,0 m/s

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