• Low wear because of the low friction
  • Long intervals between maintenance
  • Low material costs for large quantities

If the conditions are right, oil-bronze bearings can achieve lifetimes in excess of 50,000 hours.

The perfect lubrication of the oil-bronze bearing requires a minimum sliding-speed of 0.2 m/s. At this speed, the bearings achieve their maximum load bearing capacity.
If the conditions are right, such as a clean environment, correct operating temperature etc, oil-bronze bearings can achieve lifetimes in excess of 50,000 hours.

Hardened or non-hardened, polished material can be used for the shaft. The smoother the surface finish, the longer the life time. In bearings with lower stresses, drawn shafts can be used.

If stainless steel shafts are used, hard chrome plating is recommended to reduce wear.
D&E Trading only keep a few dimensions in stock, these bearings are normally supplied to the customer’s drawings. Below, the technical data for the most common alloy is presented. Oil-bronze bearings can be obtained in many more alloy types.


Additional lubrication is not normally necessary. During storage and installation, oil can be lost from the bearing. Leave the bearing in its original packaging for as long as possible.
If it is suspected that the bearing has lost oil, new oil can be supplied by dipping the bearing in warm oil. The bearing should be left to cool in the oil.

Technical data

Inner diameter: F7 (Can even be obtained with E7)
Outer diameter: r7
Flange diameter: js13
Flange thickness: js13
Length: js13

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